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I have spend a lot of time recently trying to select my best images for my application to join iStock as a contributing photographer. I've been putting off this decision for over 2 years now as due to previous failed applications iStock have given me only one last chance to submit three photos. Previous submissions were rejected due to the low image quality which was hardly surprising as the only pictures I had to choose from at the time were taken on a cheap compact digital camera. I had managed to get them accepted at three other agencies by retouching but it became obvious to pass iStocks high standards I needed some very good images taken on a better camera. 2 years later I finaly have a large choice of pictures taken on a DSLR. To give myself the best chance I decided to only only select images for iStock which have been passed by reviewers at all of my current agencies. To get this short list I have been sending my top 30 images to all four agencies.  I still have 11 images to here about but so far 4 images have been accepted by everyone. They are.


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