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At last I am through the door. It has taken me over two years and four submissions to finally get accepted as a contributing photographer for the iStockphoto agency. iStock has many differences from the other agencies I have contributed to. Firstly they require a photograph of your passport and bills to prove your identity. Then they required you to read a long tutorial and pass an online test before they will even look at a photo. Once all that is done you need to pass the most strict photo reviewers I have ever come across. They have rejected many photos which are good enough to be accepted and sold at other agencies. You may wonder is it all worth it? Were it not for the fact that iStock gets more internet traffic than all my current agencies put together I would agree. It remains to be seen if this traffic translates into sales. I am hopeful it will as iStock is the 312th most visited sight on the internet and accounts for about 0.2% of all internet traffic. When you compair it to this sight which is ranked 12,277,301 and receives 0.000002% of internet traffic. (Stats from Alexa)

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