Toyota Hiace 8th November 2011

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  • 28.00 (28/1)

Shot Notes

This is the van we just bought. It is a 1987 Toyota Hiace which has been converted to a Camperven by a company called Sunliner in Victoria. It’s been around Australia a few times (150,000 miles) and we are hoping it has one more trip left in her. In my opinion the ’87 is a great vintage, It was one of the first native unleaded engines and one of the last fully mechanical ones which makes most roadside fixes possible. No computer or electronics to fail just steel and grease.

I drove South from Perth yesterday to a place called Buffalo Beach. I am currently posting this blog in the passenger seat while Karen has her first go at the wheel on our way to Bunbury.

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    John & Angela Syms:

    Hi Karen / Jason,

    Good to see the Camper on your website – hope all is going well, keep safe and we’ll look forward to following your travels around Oz. Angela & John

  2. 2
    John & Angela Syms:

    FYI – Recommend you drive down Caves Road from Yallingup to Augusta as there are some terrific beaches and places to see along that road. Don’t miss Injidup beach and Canal Rocks. Also just past the Prevelly turn off you drive through a “new growth” Karri forest which is very spectacular.

    Be careful on Caves Rd as it’s quite narrow & windy with lots of Kangaroos !

    The drive from Pemberton to Denmark will take you through the best of the old growth Karri & Tinglewood forests. don’t miss the tree top walk near Walpole as the Tinglewood trees there are the best. Also, lovely caravan park right on the Walpole inlet.

    Enjoy, Angela & John

  3. 3

    Thanks for the recommendation John we will be sure to check them out. The camper is working great, No worries. I see what you mean about the fuel dial not being linear. At least it makes you fill up early.

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