This website began in 2004 to showcase the photography of Jason ‘Benz’ Bennée as he travelled to a reggae festival in Jamaica then around Cuba. On arriving back in the UK he started sending images to stock photography websites. The next 3 years were spent adding to stock libraries and building this old website. In 2007 he embarked on an adventure through Egypt and Jordan by road, train and ship. Daily images were posted to the Egypt Blog. In 2009 Jason started a new photoblog with images from all over the world. In 2011 he moved to Australia and continued posting images to the Benz World Blog every week as he crossed the South coast, then daily posts from Bluesfest in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2018 Jason began living on the road in his classic custom van on a perpetual photoshoot of Australia’s wild corners. The photoblog became a travel journal, uploaded during his monthly return to civilization. 2018 was spent exploring rainforests on the East coast. 2019 began in Tasmania before crossing the mainland deserts and then producing daily posts from the BWSC race between Darwin and Adelaide. In 2020 he rebuilt the van. In 2021 Jason went off-grid. He now produces fossil-free photos using a solar roof. In 2022 Jason witnessed the historic return of live music to Bluesfest and posted daily updates from the 5-day festival. In 2023 Jason focused on live music photography. No more air miles are needed as his favourite world-class musicians visit the same corner of paradise every Easter at Byron Bay Bluesfest. In 2024, Jason began adding short music album reviews to shots of upcoming touring bands for anybody who would prefer a human music recommendation instead of an algorithm.

StockPhotography3Stock Photography can be found at five stock agencies. There is a guide to stock photography. Galleries on each site; 1038 images at Shutterstock, 160 at Adobe Stock, 95 at Dreamstime, 66 at Big Stock and 59 at iStock by Getty. LatestPictures3Latest Pictures The latest images can be found on the new Benz World Blog. Please feel free to leave a comment. Older Blogs which are no longer updated include; The Stock Blog, The Egypt Blog and The GBPT Blog.
FreeImages3Free Images Some old non-stock images are free for non-profit use. Some old blog images are disseminated on the following networks. FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestLinkedIn and Instagram. PurchasePrints3Purchase Prints If you cannot find what you are looking for in the stock galleries and the photoblog. Please feel free to email Jason directly at               benzworldblog@gmail.com.