Sphinx Pool 17th February 2010

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
  • 2010:02:17 22:22:43

Shot Notes

This was our hotel pool in Dahab, Egypt. I used a tripod, a 30-second exposure and a small aperture to get the lights to sparkle. To process this image used a colour balance layer to make the pool a nicer shade of blue. I used a tone curve to boost the mid tones. Finally, I moved the black point in on a levels layer to make the sky jet black.

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  1. 1

    Perfect exposure and post work. How I would love to visit Egypt again!

  2. 2
    Digital Flower:

    Really nice shot. The pool looks very inviting.

  3. 3

    What am I doing here in cold and rainy Spain? Great shot! Need an assistant photographer?

  4. 4

    I wish I was back in Egypt too. Not sure what I would do with an assistant photographer. You would probably learn more from this blog. I give away all my tricks and tips here.

    Don’t knock the rain in Spain. It’s still snowing here.

  5. 5

    very nice crisp low light shot.. great shot.. :)

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