White Desert 28th March 2010

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
  • 2010:03:28 10:27:25

Shot Notes

This shot of the White Desert in Egypt has become my fifth Enhanced License sale.  The original image had a very narrow tonal range giving it a dull greyish look. It is situations like this where it helps to shot in RAW.

If your camera saves jpegs or any 8-bit format the tonal range will start to exhibit banding when you apply a Tone-Curve to fix the image. This banding results in the image breaking up and in extreme cases giving an old poster look.

By shooting in RAW you record more data. In my case 12-bit. This means you can stretch the tonal range over the full 8-bit range without losing the nice smooth gradients between tones.

Both images are available at Shutterstock. Original Image / RAW Curved Image

3 Responses to “White Desert”

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    I assume the Enhanced License stuff still gets credited as your work right?

  2. 2

    Credit attribution is still required in general. Enhanced License does give the right to incorporate an image in merchandise for resale. In some cases Shutterstock waive the credit requirements on a case by case basis.

    For $28 I’m happy for anyone to use any image, in any way, with or without credit.

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