• Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
  • 2014:03:30 06:28:50
  • 0.020 s (1/50) (1/50)
  • f/5.6
  • 25600
  • 2014:03:29 22:16:28
  • 4.38m
  • No
  • 120.00 (120/1)

Shot Notes

This is the avant-garde jazz band Polar Bear. We saw them play last night, in a subterranean venue called The Space, which is inside the Nottingham Contemporary Art Centre in the lace market area of Nottingham, UK.

Like most gigs, there was barely any light. I used a 5D Mark II at its highest sensitivity – ISO 25,600. This results in a very noisy image, fortunately the noise reduction in Camera RAW these days is remarkably good at removing noise without blurring the image.

Camera RAW is the RAW development module of Photoshop. For the last few years most of these blog images have been edited using only Camera RAW. I consider them to be honest images which could be used in editorial, as the nature of the global adjustments are no different to what can be achieved in an analogue way with the assistance of the worlds best lighting engineer and the most talented film developer.

When I first started this blog I did a lot more editing in Photoshop. Although this does not make an image dishonest, Photoshop does have the tools to add, copy, remove and generally change a composition in a selective and localized manner. Although this is OK for stock photography, you could get in trouble if the image appears misleading in the editorial press.

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