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Shot Notes

This is a composite of seven images blended in Photoshop. The ocean photography is from parts of the Caribbean in the Global Reef Record. Most of the work I do at Panedia is aimed at helping The Ocean Agency raise awareness of what is happening underwater. One of the challenges is the seas are easily forgotten. People generally don’t spend much time down there. It is out of sight and out of mind, so weeks, months and years can go by without considering the impact modern life has on this worlds oceans.

In 2012 Australia took a big step forward in creating the worlds largest marine park. Unfortunately this protection is under threat. In 2017 the federal government announced draft plans to allow long-line fishing and damaging seafloor trawling to take place in large areas of Queenslands Coral Sea and the waters off the coast of Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

The director of the Centre for Marine Futures at the University of WA said “The proposed protection zones for the Coral sea ignores all the science about what is needed to ensure we have healthy oceans and also ignores the government’s own risk assessments on what activities are compatible with conservation,”

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    Excellent! Have you sold it to Shutterstock?

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    Jason Benz:

    I used low res images I found online. I need to take my own high res shots to sell it via Shutterstock.

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