Climate Change 21st November 2015

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  • 2015:11:21 16:36:07
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We saw this grass fire on The Spit this morning on the way back from cycling to the post office. Apologies for the quality as I only had my 8 year old N95 phone to take this picture. Queensland  is currently experiencing +10C above average temperatures. Despite seeing plumes of smoke drifting over our house in Southport, this has not been the most alarming effect of climate change we have seen this week.

For the last 2.5 years I have been working for a 360 degree photography specialists called Panedia. My main project has been producing content for the Global Reef Record. I have processed over 1 million images in Photoshop to create a control base line for coral reefs around the world. Despite a dwindling budget, a handful of reefs have been re-visited. In preparation for COP21, I have processed 2 sets of images from Kahaului Point in Hawaii taken 10 weeks apart. If I had not checked the GPS myself I would not have believed it was the same reef. The extent of coral bleaching was frightening. I saw a lush oceanic forest transformed into a dying sea bed.