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Shot Notes

I am a dual citizen who was not born in either country. I was born in Holland with a foreign father so I could not be Dutch at birth. This perspective made me consider citizenship as arbitrary. This makes nationalism and patriotism pointless from my point of view. Why feel pride for the achievements of historical figures who only share a similar birthplace to you? This may be why I travel, in search of my tribe. Anyone who has travelled independently knows the global travelling community was a culture unlike any other. One which essentially disappeared in 2020.

5 Responses to “Global Citizen”

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    Great juxtaposition. If we hadn’t registered your birth with the British Consulate within 14 days you would not be British either. The problem is who will issue the Citizen of the World passport?

  2. 2
    Jason Benz:

    Thanks, So I was born without a nationality. Before the Great War you could travel the world without a passport. Restricting a persons movement is an effective form of subjugation. It is also what started the riots.

  3. 3

    Only a very few people of independent means ie rich, could afford to travel in those days. Everyone else was too busy trying to earn a crust.

  4. 4
    Jason Benz:

    Even the poor could walk in search of a better life. The human race spread out of Africa to every corner of the world this way. Migration is inherent. The restriction of movement across lines on a map is something which only became ubiquitous in last 100 years.

  5. 5
    Jason Benz:

    Maybe I can qualify as King of Doggerland.

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