History War 15th June 2020

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History has been written by the victors. This is changing with widespread access to information and the ability to become a publisher online.

One benefit of the Black Lives Matter movement has been to shine a light on parts of history not taught in school. The toppling of statues has done more to teach history in 2020 than anyone gained by staring at them.

My English education never mentioned the crimes of the Empire. Even fictional narratives reinforced a certain view of the world. As a child, I did not question a story which was designed to make me feel lucky to be a white male.

When I moved to Australia I got a different perspective. Churchill was not held up as a hero by all. Dig a little deeper and you will find his words and actions are uncomfortably close to the evil he so famously fought.

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    I found it interesting that Hitler recognized the importance of propaganda during WW1 and how the Allies were so much better at it than his home team. This is all in his “autobiography” Mein Kampf, not an easy book to read but which covers his real life in Vienna during his late teens and early twenties. He paints a clear image of how all the nation players interacted and of the almost universal poverty and real deprivation the majority of the population suffered. Later he made Minister of Propaganda a senior role in his government. I was never interested in History when I was at school but in later life I recognize how important a full overview of World history is. Your talent can be applied to whatever cause you think fit.

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    Thank you for your comment. It sounds like we both took a similar path when it comes to learning about history.

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