Funk Chunk 17th April 2022

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Adobe Photoshop 23.3 (Windows)
  • 2022:04:17 08:08:24
  • 0.005 s (1/200) (1/200)
  • f/4.0
  • 3200
  • 2022:04:16 22:59:36
  • No
  • 17.00 (17/1)

Shot Notes

This is the Melbourne Ska Orchestra rockin’ the Delta stage on the third day of Bluesfest 2022. They are my favourite band to photograph due to their spectacular show. The exceptional blend of organised chaos must be seen to be believed. They extend the limit of what up to 25 people can do on a stage simultaneously. They have been busy too, recording 7 studio albums, overturning the assumption that big bands write slow. Defying the possible is MSO MO. All the new tunes in their set had the instant catchy quality they are known for. Their energy is infectious and inspired wild dancing in the crowd.

The band have a second set on the Juke Joint stage on Sunday night, tickets from the Bluesfest website

This image is available for download here.

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    Love Ska

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    Two tone, back in the day.

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