The Waifs 8th March 2024

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Shot Notes

This is Josh Cunningham from The Waifs on the Mojo stage at the historic Bluesfest 2022.

Imagine mixing the music of Sonny Boy Williamson and The Corrs, then leaving it to bake in the West Australian sun until you can smell the spinifex.

In the lead track “Fisherman’s Daughter” of their breakthrough 4th album “Up All Night” the singer describes herself as Folk, which is true, although that track has more than a few hints of Country music until the harmonica gets in high gear, then it is pure Blues.

The rest of the album also walks the line between genres with a wide array of guitar picking, which I should have guessed, as the core of this band is 3 guitar players.

Blues, Folk and Country music are centred around the most unifying of Australian traditions—that of storytelling. Many Aussies live their whole lives without visiting Western Australia, which is why you should take any opportunity to hear their best troubadours when they tour. WA stories are always a treat.

In 11 years the Waifs went from strumming a few Bob Dylan covers at their local pub in Albany to opening for Bob Dylan on tour.

Even more impressive is for the first 5 years, as they travelled around Australia doing gigs, they all fitted in one Kombi van.

They are set to return to the festival on the 1st of April 2024. Tickets are available via the Bluesfest Website.

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    Little Mel:

    Can’t wait for Bluesfest.

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    Sonic Robert:

    Great band

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    Soooooo excited

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