• Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Adobe Photoshop 25.6 (Windows)
  • 2024:03:27 23:59:36
  • 0.005 s (1/200) (1/200)
  • f/4.5
  • 4000
  • 2024:03:27 19:53:09
  • No
  • 100.00 (100/1)

Shot Notes

This is Tor Trethowan getting the crowd moving with Mark Hoffmann and his 4 yidaki/didgeridoo as eMDee on the Delta stage at Bluesfest 2024 in Byron Bay, Australia. They produce a form of live drum & bass which is impossible not to dance to. It could be called drum & didge or drum & quadridoo. Their music took me back to the 90′s when I booked a live drum & bass band called Skinny Sumo in Nottingham, UK. Bluesfest puts on a warm-up gig for all the 5-day campers at the festival who take the opportunity to get set up from 10 am on Wednesday before the festival officially starts on Thursday, and why wouldn’t you, turn a 5-day festival into a 6-day festival? Tickets are still available via the Bluesfest Website.

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