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Shot Notes

For the last week, I have been camped in the Numinbah Vally. Over the weekend I was on this 2500 acres cattle property. There was only a handful of cows and no other campers when I drove into the field so I picked this beautiful spot next to the Nerang River and settled in to enjoy my birthday surrounded by flora and fauna. On Monday I moved a few miles to another spot close to where a wild platypus has been seen feeding at 5pm each evening. It was a bit of a climb down to the rock pool but there was a rope slung around some trees on the steep sections. I sat on the edge of the pool for 3 consecutive nights followed by a torturous climb up the hill in the dark. The only things I saw feeding were mosquitoes, leeches and a brown snake which missed me by a few inches. After a second chat with the caretaker, I discovered the platypus had not been seen for months. Next time I will ask these questions before booking. I live and learn. So far the weather on this trip has been almost constant rain. I cannot complain as farmers across Queensland are gratefully receiving the first significant rain after years of drought. The climate has however taken its toll on the 2nd battery which powers my laptop and is only recharged with a 100 watt solar panel. I have rewired the van again so I can give it a boost from the alternator when I’m driving, but this means I can no longer claim to produce purely fossil free photos.

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    Molly Path:

    Beautiful picture – it looks gorgeous.

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    Jason Benz:


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    […] is a tributary of the Nerang River. The waterfall is surrounded by subtropical rain-forest in the Numinbah Valley . It is home to a colony of glow worms. As it is only 1hr from Southport we made it a day trip so […]

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