The Wailers 19th April 2022

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Shot Notes

2022 saw the return of Reggae Royalty to Bluesfest. The Wailers closed the Delta stage on the final day of music. They are such a common sight on Bluesfest stages that they risk being taken for granted. Make no mistake, they are all reggae legends and it is a privilege to watch them play.

To say they captured the original ’70s sound is an understatement. Never has a band produced a more faithful live performance, of the original recordings. Close your eyes and you will think Bob Marley had come back to life.

I know of no other group who can fly halfway around the world, play for 90mins to any festival audience, most of which are younger than the tunes, and still have the crowd sing along to every song.

The crowd then called them back for 3 encore songs. First, they chilled the tempo with Redemption Song and the crowd responded by holding lighters in the air (but this is 2022, so most were phone lights) Then they played One World, One Prayer from their latest album which was quickly followed by Could You Be Loved, at which point the crowd erupted and five thousand people jumped in the air and began to move as one.

The Wallers released their first new album in 25 years. I have downloaded some tunes to help me get over the end of live music at Bluesfest for another year.

Next year’s festival tickets will soon be available from the Bluesfest website.

This image is available for download here.

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