Blueberry Farm 31st October 2020

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Shot Notes

These blueberries at Riparian Farm in New South Wales are bursting with flavour and ready to be picked. The industry has been impacted by Covid border closures. Even Australians stranded abroad are only trickling back into the country as seats on flights are strictly limited to the number of spaces in hotel quarantine. The lack of backpackers in 2020 risks delicious food going to waste. My inner pragmatic green knew I could help and the farm is in the warm end of the state which is a beautiful place to defrost after a cold Blue Mountain winter in my van.

Berry picking is the perfect antidote for anyone who has become stir crazy in lockdown. Nature, laughter and reggae can be heard in the fields every day. A handful of pickers carry speakers, when they are spread over the hillside, the mix of music in the breeze evokes the sound of festivals, which now feel like part of history. Physically, it is easier than expected. Unlike most jobs, the human body is perfect for selecting and picking berries. Our colour eyesight and nimble fingers evolved for this purpose. Fresh air, light exercise and plenty of vitamin D, one healthy way to ride out a pandemic.

Anyone in NSW interested in helping with the harvest from May to November contact Mountain Blue.

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    Beautiful looking blueberries. Glad to hear you are enjoying being gainfully employed.

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